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Are you hungry?

We are Ipswich's favourite and #1 Mexican take away. We're known for our delicious and mouthwatering burritos, quesadillas, tacos and nachos.
Choose your favourite burrito from the delicious menu we've been serving for years. We cater for vegans, vegetarians, gluten intolerant and meat eaters alike.

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Order your food

Choose from our simple yet delicious menu. Using JustEat's platform you can easily find all the glorious scrummy food we have on offer. You can rest assured you're in good hands.

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Wait for delivery

The delivery team will collect your freshly prepared burrito from our safe kitchen and deliver it, contact-free to your home.

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Devour your meal

Enjoy in your own home watching your favourite channel, with a burrito in one hand and the TV remote in the other.
Ahhhh ... Burrito Bliss!

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Fools for the cob

Other than burritos we sell some side dishes that also deserve to be center stage.
Our Mexican street corn will immediately transport you to the streets of Mexico with its salty-zingy-chilli combo flavours. Or you can indulge in some cheesy heaven by adding some Cotija cheese, which is more salty than normal cheese, making it very naughty indeed.

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Quality, Flavor & Value

We use only the best ingredients to construct these almighty burritos. We love good food and know how to make it. Our burritos are massive, deliciouse, healthy and contain 4 of your 5 day. You get nutrients from the vegetables and pulses, healthy carbs, protein and healthy oils. Our burritos are a well balanced meal all in one.

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Sustainability & Ethics

You'll be please to know that ALL of our meat is reared in the U.K and is 100% free range. The farms we buy from are in Suffolk and Sussex. We understand sustainability and believe in animal welfare. We hate plastic very much and don't use any plastic in our containers, service cutlery or delivery items! The electricity we use in our kitchen comes from 100% renewable sources.

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Safe from Coronavirus

We implement a whole range of safeguards to tackle the threat of COVID19. Our small operation of 3 team members ensures we have minimal contact with the outside world. Delivery drivers are prohibited to enter our kitchen and deliver
contact-free to your door.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Authentic ingredients <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Chillies from around the world

An essential part of Mexican cooking and any kind of cooking is the balance of the 5 tastes. Sweat, Sour, bitter and Umami (savoury). But there is a spring board for these flavours and that's where Chillies come in. We take all 6 tastes very seriously and believe there are crazy depths of flavour you can reach when using the best ingredients. We use Guajillo chillies from Mexico for their smokey flavour, Arbol chillies for their versatility, and a potent mixture of 3 red hot chillies - the Caroline Reaper, the Trinidad Scorpion and the the Naga Ghost for their mind-blowing heat. Not everything we make is hot so don't worry about being blasted. We always give you the option of going to chilli heaven. We get our hot chillies from ChilliEd. He has some outrageous chillies. Be warned, these are HOT!!!!

Zingy and fresh

Everything on your plate is made fresh everyday by us in our busy kitchen. We use quality ingredients and never cut corners. Using freshly squeezed limes for the salsa to the smashed guacamole. The chillies we use in our chilli sauce come all the way from Mexico. We use an authentic recipe (along with our own twist) to bring you what we believe is heaven in a tortilla.

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